The Bible has much to say about marriage, an institution that it created.  In the family is a ‘world in miniature’, where authority and submission, love and loyalty, obedience and trust are learned as nowhere else and with the Word of God as the guide in the home, society will be changed. Today we see this mission achieving success as people embrace Christ. While the fifth commandment identifies the honor due to fathers and mothers, Malachi highlights the need for the father’s involvement and leadership in the family. Both the father and mother are to fully live out their Christian faith in their home so that it is the most natural thing in the world for the children is to trust Jesus with their whole heart.

Title Scripture Speaker Date
Wild at Heart Ephesians 5:23 2020-12-06
Strange but True Proverbs 14:12 2020-11-29
Complicated Hebrews 12:15 2020-11-22
Code Talkers Psalm 18:4 2020-11-15
Greatest Mystery Ephesians 5:32 2020-11-08
Lightning Strikes Proverbs 15:23 2020-11-01
Power Couple 1 Peter 3:7 2020-10-25
Hardwired Psalm 139:15-139:16 2020-10-18
Supposed to Be Genesis 1:27 2020-10-11
Day of the Lord Malachi 4 2020-10-04